Uncategorized May 27, 2018

By Claudia Wolfkind

Over my many years working with up and coming producers and content creators the subject of who controls the property (the show) when it’s on a major network and how that control can make or break a creator, especially when there’s a separation, such as a show not getting renewed, has come up many times. We saw it with Cesar Millan, personal issues aside, who lost the ability to call himself The Dog Whisperer and with that the upending of an empire. You can argue Millan is still big, but his new show is on a child network of the larger parent Nat Geo and his brand has taken a significant hit over the years.


It’s Different Behind the Scenes


What most audiences don’t see, and most creators don’t realize is that this is more the norm than not as we witness the struggle of more and more TV show stars to break out and build their brand. Understandably, the networks have put A LOT of money into these people, from production...

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